To whom disorder of the country and is necessary for what people die?

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Conversation more precisely discussion with one companion was started. Already for 50 and he sincerely believes it that revolutions happen when a lot of people not enough standard of living (well or still any benefits). At me this belief raised a smile, and I tried to explain to him that in a geopolitical situation there is no one state as that - since any fluctuations in one country anyway mention the others and any revolution is very expensive pleasure. And in general (my acquaintance speaks) "... this geopolitics recently appeared and I don't trust it...". In his opinion it turns out, what before Archimedes or Newton started formulating physics laws they didn't work? I think the answer  know all of us.

We will return to Ukraine:
For a start it is necessary to think about for whom it is favorable?
That is to whom destruction of others economy is favorable?
What’s happened after national economy is destroyed?

That all countries have an external debt all know. But that when at the country the external debt becomes insignificant and the country aspires to pay it - in the country revolution probably flashes know not many people? We will consider that option when at the countries the external debt is reduced and when the country have no any debts - it becomes independent (it is spoken about the economic sovereignty).  But for what such country for this purpose who gave this debt? Why return it money of times it can print them in any quantity? For this purpose who lent the debtor is necessary. At these moments revolutions also flash and after disorder of the country or other "delights" of revolution "the kind friend" is ready to give "helping hand" again, to lend for recovery from the crisis. Plus to everything the enterprises after revolution are in the country on the verge of decline (exactly as well as the country) and here "kind" people offer the help once again and imperceptibly for all receive these enterprises (at first part and then a completely) under the control.

And now for a full picture we look where there were no revolutions for the last 15 - 20 years. Also we look who among these countries became the owner of any enterprises of the destroyed states. I think everything is extremely clear - enough to look at Ukraine (though after May 2 in Odessa -  Ukraine was died). Who already received part of control over the enterprises?

Well and now we will think of that the Kiev authorities knew or guessed than everything will end after they brought up a question of deprivation of the statuses of regional languages? Certainly knew! But the effect was not they are decided to strengthen. Planned and carried out the Odessa’s  Khatyn. But all the same still effect not that. And how to make that? The southeast part of the country doesn't want to live with the western any more. But that wouldn't change the mind decided to urge on it murder of people in Mariupol on May 9.
How to make so that also western was for country split?
Very simply - it is necessary to start killing and remained (that who else "for uniform Ukraine"). Here also began so-called "anti-terrorist operation"!

What we have after that?
The question consists now in that "when inhabitants of the western part will rebel as well as the east?"

If those yet didn't understand who stood on a Maidan for what they stood - that "new democratic" will try to inform them continuation so-called "anti-terrorist operation" and further murder of inhabitants of Ukraine (from both parties).

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