Вышел релиз PFSense 2.2.2

pfSense® software version 2.2.2 release is now available, bringing a number of bug fixes and a couple low-risk security updates that don’t apply to most users.

Security Fixes 
This release includes two low-risk security updates.

FreeBSD-SA-15:09.ipv6: Denial of Service with IPv6 Router Advertisements. Where a system is using DHCPv6 WAN type, devices on the same broadcast domain as that WAN can send crafted packets causing the system to lose IPv6 Internet connectivity.
FreeBSD-SA-15:06.openssl: Multiple OpenSSL vulnerabilities. Most aren’t applicable, and worst impact is denial of service.

Bug Fixes and Change List 
The bug fixes and changes in this release are detailed here.

Upgrade Guidance 
As always, you can upgrade from any previous version straight to 2.2.2. For those already running any 2.2x version, this is a low risk upgrade. This is a high priority upgrade for those using IPsec on 2.2x versions. For those on 2.1.x or earlier versions, there are a number of significant changes which may impact you. Pay close attention to the 2.2 Upgrade Notes for the details.

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