python-scripts - набор различных полезных скриптов

  • 01_remove_all_pyc.md: remove all .pyc files from a git repo
  • 02_find_all_links.py: get all links from a webpage
  • 03_simple_twitter_manager.py: accessing the Twitter API, example functions
  • 04_rename_with_slice.py: rename group of files, within a single directory, using slice
  • 05_load_json_without_dupes.py: load json, convert to dict, raise error if there is a duplicate key
  • 06_execution_time.py: class used for timing execution of code
  • 07_benchmark_permissions_loading_django.py: benchmark loading of permissions in Django
  • 08_basic_email_web_crawler.py: web crawler for grabbing emails from a website
  • 09_basic_link_web_crawler.py: web crawler for grabbing links from a website
  • 10_find_files_recursively.py: recursively grab files from a directory
  • 11_optimize_images_with_wand.py: recursively grab images from a directory, then optimize them for the web
  • 12_csv_split.py: Splits a CSV file into multiple files based on command line arguments.
  • 13_random_name_generator.py: random name generator
  • 14_html_to_markdown.sh: Convert all html files in a single directory to markdown
  • 15_check_my_environment.py: Pass in a config file based on your environment.
  • 16_jinja_quick_load.py: Render a quick Jinja2 template
  • 17_rewrite_git_history.md: Backdating/Rewriting Git history (use at your own risk)
  • 18_zipper.py: Zip contents of a directory, adding a timestamp to the filename
  • 19_tsv-to-csv.py: Convert TSV to CSV
  • 20_restore_file_from_git.py: Restore file from Git History
  • 21_twitter_bot.py: Twitter Bot
  • 22_git_tag.py: Create Git Tag based on a commit
  • 23_flask_session_test.py: Just a simple app to see if the sessions are working
  • 24_sql2csv.py: SQL to CSV.
  • 25_ip2geolocation.py: Given a CSV file with an ip address (see sample - 25_sample_csv.csv), return the geolocation based on the ip.
  • 26_stock_scraper.py: Scrape the S&P 500 Companies list from Wikipedia, then output the data.
  • 27_send_sms.py: Send SMS message via TextBelt
  • 28_income_tax_calculator.py: Income tax calcuator via Taxee

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